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Classic style in interior design is always a choice that will overflow elegance and which will certainly never set. For this project in Bucharest, regardless of the space that is offered in a home, our designers and designers have always demonstrated that the classic style adapts to any ambient and can satisfy even the most rigorous demands of our customers.

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In this sense, owners who are looking to offer their home a simple yet impressive and stylish design, often choose this style. In this project, the space used is a generous one, which has given us the opportunity to develop ideas for furnishing with the combination of warm and neutral shades so that we create a perfect home for our client.

Although the classic style is a rigid and sober style, modern aspects nowadays add to the hardness of the original style and bring the perfect blend between simple, elegant and lush. In the styles chosen for the interior decorations made by our company, attention can be paid to the details and especially the attention to the client's requirements, so that the whole project reflects the owner's tastes and preserves its imprint. As we are used to, the classic style is dominated by the warm and neutral shades, usually fine combinations of white, beige, cream, gold, which blend in dark colors used in furniture or found in small details, give the home an intimate, comfortable look and at the same time impressive.

For the decoration of the Dining area, an open-space room, designers along with designers and clients chose to use classic white wooden furniture, which gives a stylish, stylish and refined look. The Dining Area is carefully decorated with golden inserts that we find in the wallpaper bounded by white pilasters, in decorative pieces as well as in indelible chandeliers and chandeliers in the classical Italian style. The turquoise color spot is spotted in the upholstery of the seats in the dining area and creates an intimate space where the customer can enjoy the meal served with family and friends.

In Living, creamy shades with gold inserts, along with the black and turquoise accents found in curtains, decorating items and coffee table, create the perfect space for a relaxing family afternoon. The kitchen is subtly delimited by the living room and dining area through two white wood separators, which, in contrast to the black accent, create a touch of elegance. The perfect blend between modern kitchen pieces and classic furniture masks the discreet introduction of new elements to this design and does not disturb the balance of classic style lines.

Access to the bedrooms, bathrooms and the office is done in the same painting, with flooring in Miraje Jewels porcelain tiles, outlined by the warm shades we have accustomed to. The doors are made of white wood and make a beautiful passage from the large hall to the privacy of the bedrooms.

While the dining area and the living room provide an accentuated brightness, the Bureau finds itself in a more sober room, decorated with classic dark-wood furniture that complements the drapery, and the predominantly open colors we have become accustomed to now accents. The unmistakable gold chandelier brings again the lush look in the foreground, but tied together with the wood flooring Kahrs made of wood suitable for underfloor heating and massive furniture, creates an intimate atmosphere in which our client can work.

Turning to the first bedroom, we notice that we are returning to the predominant shades of cream, beige and gold and we are delighted with an enlightened but elegant atmosphere. The presence of a warm shade wallpaper, the pillars in combination with white wood furniture and the decorative details of the same range of pastels, make this room a relaxing space.

The second bedroom features the same range of warm colors to help with a dark blue accent found in curtains, carpet and decorative details. The white furniture dominates, the creamy wallpaper, and the relaxing ambient creates a touch of elegance brought by the massive golden chandelier. To help create a larger space for bedrooms, our client chose to introduce a separate dressing room where access is made from the lobby. This dressing in white furniture complements the overall look of the house. Multiple racks and drawers come to the aid of our client and allow them to store personal things in a generous space. Stack the laminate floor to keep out of the pattern in the other rooms adjacent to the open space.

The bathrooms are generous and provide the space needed to make your perfect mornings. The use of both the case and the shower in the same room denotes the generosity of the space, but also a practical thinking that helps our client when time does not. Bathroom tiles Italgraniti perfectly fit with white gold furniture and blend nicely with the transparent glass that separates the shower cabin. The color patch is brought by the burgundy curtain that offers the elegance of this space dedicated to personal activities.

The second bathroom is smaller than the first, but it does not lack the refinement and the elegant details. The shower cabin is bounded by the rest of the room through a transparent bottle, the furniture is white, and the wallpaper with blue inserts alongside the floor turns this room into an oasis of visual and physical relaxation. The dark blue drapery along with the small details of the furniture come perfectly to complement the general appearance of warm shades.

Even though the classic style often leads us to a rigid and too sober look, the modern elements came to our aid by offering a minimalist look, but as elegant as the original classic style. In a complete perspective, we remark how this project came to meet our client creating the perfect space for a family. The classic style, elegantly and subtly blended with modern elements, made this project a successful one that satisfied every customer's requirement.

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